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Safety a vital component of DIY projects

Many homeowners enjoy DIY projects around the house. Weekend warriors should recognize that having the right tools and using them in a...

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DIY projects that can conserve energy around the house

Home renovation projects can pay numerous dividends. Renovations can have a positive effect on resale value, make homes more livable for...

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What is sweating a pipe?

Copper plumbing long has been a standard in home construction. Anyone who has a home with copper pipes should have an understanding of how...

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3 common DIY mistakes to avoid

Pride tends to swell when homeowners successfully complete do-it-yourself projects on their homes. In addition to saving homeowners money,...

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Signs your tools may need some TLC

A do-it-yourselfer is only as good as his or her tools. Without the proper tools, even the handiest men and women may struggle to complete...

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What to know about DIY insulation

Perhaps due in part to the popularity of home improvement television shows, many homeowners now tackle an assortment of home projects...

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