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Lawn & Garden Guide

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The dangers of mowing too low

Spring marks the return of many things. Trees and flowers begin to bloom again in spring, while warmer temperatures are welcomed back with...

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What to do about an overfertilized lawn

Lush lawns are not achieved without a lot of hard work. That hard work often involves some trial and error, and one of the simplest errors...

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Repair bare spots in the lawn

Caring for a lawn to keep it lush and green can require equal measures of patience and hard work. Various invaders can attack grass or...

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How to prevent crabgrass

Few things can give a home exterior that sought after wow factor as well as a nicely maintained lawn. A lush green landscape is a great way...

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Did you know?

Many lawns contain a mixture of the roughly one dozen types of different grasses. According to the lawn care experts at ScottsĀ®, knowing...

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