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Parents, Kids & Community

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What parents can do to reduce SIDS risk

Parents of newborns and infants face many challenges throughout a typical day. At the end of a long day tending to their youngsters' every...

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Parents can exercise caution with youth-based social apps

Internet access is no longer limited to desktop or laptop computers. World Advertising Research Center, using data from mobile trade body...

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The ideas behind strength-based parenting

Many a parent is familiar with the notion that children do not come with instruction manuals. Since babies are not born with instruction...

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Great ways to bond with your new infant

A parent's job begins the moment a woman learns she is pregnant. Upon receiving such news, women typically make important changes to ensure...

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How parents can diminish their stress

Juggling responsibilities to work and family can sometimes make parents feel a little overwhelmed. That feeling of being stretched thin can...

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What is attachment parenting?

Many parents aspire to develop close emotional bonds with their children. Children who understand that their parents are nearby and will...

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