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On the Grill

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Is marinating worth the time and effort?

Backyard barbecue enthusiasts typically prefer the taste of grilled foods over meals prepared in other ways. Much of that devotion to...

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Did you know?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cooks should avoid reusing plates or utensils used to prepare raw meat, poultry or...

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Fire up the grill for fresh veggies

Vegetables are more versatile than many people may know. Steaming or sautéing vegetables might be among the most popular ways to cook...

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Try something simple and new this grilling season

Grilling is many people's preferred method of cooking, perhaps because it combines the great outdoors with delicious food. When grilling,...

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Safety tips for grilling season

People have been cooking meals over open flames since the discovery of fire. Even today, when there are so many ways to cook a meal, many...

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4 popular grilling techniques

Just like some people insist that charcoal grills trump gas grills or vice versa, some backyard barbecue devotees swear by particular...

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